Spine Implant Program

Patients undergoing major spine and orthopedic surgery are at a higher risk for VTE. With the traumatic nature of the surgery and the prolonged period of reduced mobility after surgery, most patients remain at increased risk for DVT and PE for up to 3 months after surgical intervention. DVT’s and PE’s remain the most common cause for emergency readmission and death following joint replacement, general and trauma surgeries.

Spine Service Program

Our Spine Service Program has been carefully designed to exceed current industry standards. We believe our revolutionary approach to service, commitment to quality excellence, and patient-centered treatment options will create positive change in the healthcare industry.

Our Goal

To change the healthcare process to better support doctors & their staff, allowing them to focus on what is most important–patient care. To move our mission forward, we have developed a three-part strategy that is carefully designed for our customers.

Our Commitment

To work on a case-by-case basis with every new surgeon and facility enrolling in our program to customize a unique surgery service plan; including surgeon choice in a range of innovative, top-quality implants and ancillary services from trusted manufacturers, on-site technical support for Spine Program Products, and exclusive pricing plans to ensure cost-efficiency.


Our Spine Manufacturer Representatives:

Life Spine – LifeSpine.com
Centinel Spine – CentinelSpine.com
SpineDirect – SpineDirectOnline.com
Pan Medical – Panmed.us
Integra BioD – Integralife.com